How Online Project Management Software Benefits Your Project

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How Online Project Management Software Benefits Your Project
By Monique Craig

More and more companies worldwide choose online solutions when it comes to project management. This trend is caused by quite a few advantages of selecting web-based software to handle projects. These, among others, include flexibility, affordability and ease of use. Examples of software built to ease managing projects are Basecamp, Zoho and Teamwork. Many of the tools are free of charge.

In the digital age of constant mobility, it is important to be able to access a project from any computer anywhere in the world, and that is what online project management software provides. The only necessary facility is web access, which nowadays doesn’t seem to be much of a problem. What is more, many people can work on the same project, using the same web-based software simultaneously without having to install any additional programs on their devices.

Software of this kind allows also easier employee management and task assigning. It takes just a few clicks to delegate jobs to a specialized staff member through a user-friendly interface. Then, a project manager can supervise the tasks, provide feedback and monitor the progress. All in one set of windows, from anywhere in the world. This also includes schedule management. Little mini-apps like calendar, scheduler or alert system incorporated in the software help to make planning more effective and time-efficient.

Having every part of a project in a single place online also increases productivity, as time is not wasted on lengthy meetings, business trips and prolonged waiting periods. Everything is clear and accessible from the software platform and the chance of misunderstanding or mishandling a task is much lower than when sticking to traditional methods.

One of very important benefits is also integration of data and tools, which also increases efficiency. Project management requires a variety of different applications, each of them playing a different role in the process. In online software it is all put in one program and there is no need to install anything else.

Another way in which a project can benefit from using online services is their affordability. There is a lot of competition between different providers and it is always good for customers, as they can choose the best package for a bargain price. Users pay only a small amount of money every month and get access to great software. In the past, companies had to buy expensive software and install them on every computer, pay licensing fees, etc. Now it is all easier and cheaper. Another advantage lies in the automatic update system. Users no longer have to buy or download a new version each time an improvement is released. The software is provided in the newest form while being accessed.

Finally, programs which enable users to manage their projects online are very easy to use. They are carefully designed to be quickly learned even by inexperienced employees. On the other hand, having a traditional off-line system requires hiring a lot of specialists, coaches, maintenance workers and organizing a lot of training. Expenses like this build up very fast, but they can be avoided by choosing online solutions.

Monique Craig is a project manager at Oneflare, an Australian online marketplace, which connects customers with service providers.

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