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PM Hut – The Project Management Hut, came to life when a group of Project Managers decided to make their vast experience accessible to everyone. Needless to say, they started writing articles and gathering articles from all over the world, categorizing these articles, and presenting them in a very digestible format for the dynamic Project Manager.

Today, PM Hut is considered to be the largest database of categorized Project Management articles on planet Earth. Apparently, a group of Project Managers working together were able to finish something; it seems that reading the “Conflict Management” articles on PM Hut managed to resolve our own conflicts!

PM Hut is always looking for enthusiastic Project Managers, sharing their experience, writing more articles, and benefiting the rest of the community.

We hope that you will enjoy the site and find it a smooth and rewarding experience. We did!

May 2007, Montreal, Canada
The PM Hut Team

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