Running the Project and Stage-Gate Reviews

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Running the Project and Stage-Gate Reviews
By The Office of Government Commerce – OGC, UK

The complexity and context for the project will determine whether the implementation phase of the project is carried out in a single stage or broken down into two or more stages so that appropriate levels of management control can be applied. Each stage ends with a decision point on whether to continue with the project or not; this is a stage boundary, a control point in the project when progress and deliverables are reviewed by senior management before approval to proceed to the next stage. Where applicable, these decision points are preceded by Gateway reviews.

Planning and controlling each stage as well as managing product delivery are key project management processes that are supported by Project Plans and reports against such plans. Monitoring and control activities need to be in place to ensure that a stage stays on course and responds to unexpected events.

Successful delivery toolkit, the Office of Government Commerce – © Crown Copyright 2009

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Project and Stage Gate Reviews: I find it hard to think how a project can be managed by checkpoints and gates. Projects can be broken down into stages but often these stages / milestones can be executed in parallel. Not all phases are sequential. Decisions on whether to continue with the project or not are decisions which should be made before the project is executed into a live plan.

However with respect to manufacturing projects where you have a sequence of high level tasks, (Stages: Contract review, planning, build, quality, qualification etc)the stage gate review process can be applied BUT its still subject to criticism. The gate review process really depicts a mere checklist approach, with a gatekeeper with a clock and stick! Really – if you think of it, when we translate our project plans into MS projects to deduce a timescale or flow, we are already applying the concept and hence having stage gate systems feels some what repetitive.

I believe in keeping things simple and direct. The stage gate reviews process should not be mixed up with prject planning (they are in essence of of the same thing) but should be applied different, either use project planning or stage gate review, don’t mix the two end up with a lot of additional paperwork and spend more time managing these tools instead of the project deliverables.

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